eBook released!

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We’re proud to introduce our first book in the series, My Property Payday: Turn your Spaces into Rental Income, France edition.

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My Property Payday- Turn your Spaces into Rental Income, France edition

The sharing economy enables private owners to generate significant revenue from their property. The book covers how you can do this in France, and unveils the tools, techniques and hundreds of service providers which can help you. 

Platforms such as Airbnb offer but one way to make money from your space.

You can also rent your garage, attic, office, garden, swimming pool, terrace, shed, living room, and any combination of the preceding, to a multitude of people, on a short- or long-term basis, for an infinite number of reasons, events and uses.

This is far more vast than one website, for one type of usage. Even experienced vacation rental hosts will learn from the book, as they actively seek answers and alternatives to combat volatile regulation, taxation, platform fee increases, pricing conundrums and fierce competition next door.

The sharing market opportunity has become a necessity for many people, maybe even for you. Anyone paying down a mortgage knows that ownership does not equate ‘financial freedom,’ but rather serfdom to the bank. So-called ‘owners’ have pledged 10-15x their annual salary during ⅓ of their lives for a roof over their heads. Sure, their home might increase in value by the time they pay off the loan in 20-25 years, but how do they make ends meet in the meantime? A lot can happen in the span of two decades: job loss, divorce, college expenses, elder care, etc. Revenue-generation is a far better solution than selling, only to get locked into an even larger loan elsewhere.

We’re here to tell you that the answer to your debt burden lies within the four walls all around you. You needn’t wait. Now you can activate your assets with little to no capital required. Proven methods, practical examples and resources to exploit your individual situation abound within the pages.

To pick up your copy, follow this universal link to your favorite online book store in your country.