By the numbers

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What’s inside “My Property Payday- Turn your Spaces into Rental Income, France edition?

Here’s the book by the numbers:

90 000 Words all generated from human hands

1 000+ Links pointing to the sources of all facts cited

280 Pages on profiting from your personal property in the sharing economy

155 Platforms to list your rental and get bookings

150 Terms from French real estate translated and defined

110 Providers to whom you can outsource management or get to help you self-manage your property

101 Uses for which someone might want to rent your space (Airbnb is but one of them)

75 Tools so you can property manage solo

17 distinct Spaces in a typical property which can each be rented separately

16 Investment ideas to generate rental income, starting from €10

14 Ways to blow out your existing space for more rental returns

13 Charts, tables, floor plans and diagrams which illustrate, analyze and calculate for you

8 Amenities suggested to attract more rentals and better ratings

7 Partners with whom you can revenue-share for greater profits

5 years of research updated to the very day of publication

1 Methodology, a time-tested approach which works in determining daily rates for all types of space rentals, whether LTR, STR, Parking or Storage, in all regions of France, year-round

0 €uro capital required to exercise all the plays detailed in the first two thirds of the book

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