Airbnb: can you see the forest for the trees?

By January 6, 2024 No Comments

When discussing the sharing economy and property, everybody talks about Airbnb. Did you know there are 100 other property plays that you could be using?

If all you did was STR did you know there are hundreds of other platforms which could be generating rental income? How about not paying any platform fees to any of them? Would that interest you?

Have we gotten your attention? If so, read on into the pages of our new book:

My Property Payday: Turn Your Spaces into Rental Income

The book dispels misconceptions and lays bare the disproportionate attention given to some uses. This is unfortunately to the detriment of others, which are quite interesting, monetarily.

You’ll see a detailed scenario of an average family in an average house in an average city… with exceptional rental returns in their primary residence. Less than 1/3 of the money they make is from short-term rentals for accommodation (the famous Airbnb). If they did what everybody advocates, renting their entire home only when they are away on vacation, and nothing else, they would leave FIVE FIGURES on the table.

Instead, they are activating their unused assets, at the same time as they enjoy the rest for themselves.

Would you like to see how they did it? Would you like to know how you can do the same for yourself and your property?

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