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Help owners leverage the sharing economy

Platforms generate income for you from existing assets – your current home, your rooms, your space. Some call this the ‘sharing economy.’ More than six dozen of these platforms are operating today in France. Each covers distinct and creative use of your space. Diverse audiences converge on these platforms looking for what you have.

But there’s a backlash from municipalities: Higher taxes, stricter laws and severe fines for non-compliance.

The focus

Provide clarity to property owners

Owners like you need advice and tools to stay out of trouble and grow your property income.

Cater to several types of renters: tourists, business travelers, students, corporate team builders, photographers, event organizers and more. You can even cumulate multiple revenue streams simultaneously.

Happy Property Owners

“When my son enrolled in school outside the country, the house became too big, but I didn't want to sell. My Property Payday helped me figure how much my spare room was worth, and showed me the procedure to follow to safely rent to a university student solely for the length of her term.”

Frédériquesingle mother in the suburbs of Paris

“I had been making a lot of money renting my flat on Airbnb, when they restricted to 120 days. Some of my friends were hit with enormous fines and I got scared. My Property Payday opened my eyes to many different legal ways to earn income through the platforms.”

Thomasexperienced user of platforms

“When we moved here, we weren't prepared for how expensive Paris is. There's almost nothing left after we pay our mortgage and living expenses. We wanted to rent our place on the platforms to make a bit extra, but the laws are so confusing, and we don't speak French. My Property Payday explained how to do it easily without any trouble from the authorities.”

Pawel and Magdaexpats from Poland

“I inherited the family vacation home, but I didn't know what to do with it. Agents advised me to sell. Property managers wanted to rent it for me. But I wanted to keep it and avoid commissions. I thought I could handle it myself. My Property Payday gave me the confidence to go it alone. I now have several revenue streams from the house and we can still use it for our holidays.”

Dominiqueteacher in Montrouge

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This key contributor is the architect of My Property Payday and its many components: website, digital magazine, tools (notably our calculator).

Editor and Head of Content

Monitor and translate the news. Analyze the market changes. Reveal the opportunities available to homeowners. Uncover the success stories enabling a new revenue stream.

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